Metallic Epoxy Flooring Murfreesboro TN, Franklin TN, Brentwood TN

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

When you think about a beautiful garage floor finish, we bet you never thought of metallic epoxy! We have made metallic epoxy samples to show you how great your floor might look. Epoxy flooring protects the floor but also gives the opportunity to create a unique finish and make it more than just a garage, more than just stained concrete. These metallic epoxies can make that room the ultimate man cave! Metallic epoxy is particularly cool and unique looking because the metallic chips in the epoxy all lay at different angles according to type of finishing method and movements made across the surface, this causes a very neat spectrum light refraction. Although the metallic epoxy looks uneven to the eye because of the light refraction, it settles to a smooth and level surface. For your epoxy flooring needs, consider Hi-Tech Stain and Seal and Hi-Tech Pressure Washing!

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