DECK and FENCE Pressure Washing

Wood cleaning, no matter the surface(deck, fence, gazebo, etc) is a specialized service. Chemical application and knowledge is the most important aspect of this service. Combined with the proper chemcials ranging from oxalic and citric acid to percarbonate cleaners and strippers, and adjustable pressure systems you can trust that the wood will be restored to a like-new state.

    Fence Pressure Washing and Staining
    Fence Pressure Washing and Staining

    Cleaning, Stripping, Staining

    We use the proper chemicals given the situation. We neutralize and brighten all wood projects in preparation for staining with penetrating oils. You can find out more about staining and sealing by checking out our other division of business Hi-Tech Stain and Seal. The reason for pressing to prep the wood surface for reception of a penetrating oil stain and sealer is this process is the best way to condition and care for the wood. If you want a long lasting, beautiful, and functional surface this is the ONLY way to go. Paints(sometimes called solid stains, semi-transparent, etc) are going to chip, flake, and peel. This is going to mean expensive maintenance down the road. If you want your wooden project cared for properly, start from day 1.

      Deck Stripping and Deck Staining, Deck Sealing
      Deck Cleaning, Stripping, Staining, Sealing




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