Hi-Tech Pressure Washing and Soft Washing 



When it comes to apartments you need a few things to do this work successfully. Those things are: a company who shows up for the arranged time, insurance, a company who cares about leaving the property in the best condition possible, a company who communicates with the tenants so they aren't burdened by the work being done. But mostly you need a company who cares and follows through on the the work order.

With us you get before and afters of all performed work, all necessary insurance, and accountability. We bring forward all the details in our bids, and we communicate every step of the way. We are the company you can call after the check is cut and still expect an answer! We want our property managers to understand that we are working to build not just our company but the relationship between quality and reliability.

    Breezeway Cleaning, Commercial Pressure Washing


    Townhomes and Other Multi-Unit 



    We keep enough labor on hand to communicate with tenants as we work and when needed. We lay out in detail everything to be expected and can modify work orders on the fly should the occasion arise. Our equipment allows us to wash a 3 story building setup from the ground, but we have lifts when needed! We are always properly marked as workers on site and in most situations carry radios so we can clearly handle unexpected variables.

    Safety is a major concern where multiple residences are combined, and we work to mitigate any potential hazards.

    And our bids are exact to the penny, barring a change of work order. So our property managers do not have to worry about unexpected price changes.

      Commercial Townhome Pressure Washing




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