Nick's Hi-Tech Pressure Washing


Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning

We use the right chemicals, knowledge, and equipment to pressure wash your investments. We care greatly about high quality service that leaves you smiling. If it's pressure washing, roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, aggregate cleaning, or soft washing your vinyl house... we care.

Concrete/Aggregate Restoration

Our sealers are the best in the industry, offering protection starting at 3 years and up. Our sealing services are comprehensive, we won't take any course of action you don't need or desire and will do our best to educate you on the proper methods. As a general rule we carry samples of all our products in various stages.

Wood Restoration

We can clean and seal all types of woodwork. Our processes are site specific. We do use low pressure methods on most woods. We only seal with the best penetrating oil sealers! We have swatches and samples for you to check out.

Services Offered:
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